Embracing Tactics for Sales and Social Success

In a world of strategists we take great pride in our standing as exceptional tactical executors.

Our clients define their sales opportunities and challenges, which typically include lead generation, key account management and deal capture.

Then, to call on a military analogy, Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) charges the hills to help a client’s sales team more quickly and efficiently grow revenue.

Decisiv’s Reimer: tactics can drive sales pipeline.

Yes…we employ a defined strategy and methodology to guide content creation, promotion and sales enablement.  However, our focus is squarely on the supporting the tactics that make for a successful sales program.  It’s often lead-by-lead and deal-by-deal.

During a Webinar last week hosted by marketing automation vendor eTrigue I discussed the importance of tactical execution to realize a sales-oriented ROI from corporate blogging and social media participation.

Joining me on the Webinar was Michael Reimer, an executive-level marketer at Decisiv.  Working closely with Michael, Strategic has put in place a content marketing, social media and sales enablement program to help Decisiv identify new revenue opportunities.

You can listen to a podcast of this informative Webinar and download the PowerPoint presentation at this link.

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