Hinge Makes a Pristine Pitch

During the past two decades I have made thousands of pitches.

I’ve called and Emailed client prospects.  I’ve reached out to journalists.  I’ve taken a run at industry analysts and other influencers.

I have the successes and scars to show from this time in the trenches.  And, because of that, I am incredibly tolerant of sales reps and public relations practitioners who call on me – as long as they are diligent and professional.

The lazy slackers who carpet bomb my voice mail and Outlook inbox are quite another story.  I’m quick to express my disdain.  Here’s an example.

This brings me to an Email pitch I received today from Alexandra Marigodova from Hinge, a branding and marketing firm based in the Washington, DC area.  The Email I have included below is by far the most thoughtful, professionally composed and well articulated note that has landed in my inbox in quite some time.

I’m going to read Hinge’s new book and, if appropriate, profile it in the monthly column I write for the Washington Business Journal.

Plus, I referred Alexandra from Hinge to my colleague who edits our new industry blog Modern Marketing Today.  Perhaps she can develop a story as well.

Good show, Alexandra.  That’s an exceptional pitch!



We have been reading your Strategic Guy blog for some time and appreciate the valuable insights and content that you share.

My firm, Hinge, is a branding and marketing firm that focuses on professional services, and we are actively sharing content as well, including Technology Services as one of our verticals.

One of our goals for the coming year is to continue to share exceptional content and to make more connections in the professional services online marketing world. You can see through our website (www.hingemarketing.com) that we are very dedicated to sharing our content freely, including books, research, webinars, speaking, blogs, etc.

As part of our own commitment to providing free content, we recently published a book based on a study of 500 CEOs, executive and marketers from professional services firms. The book sheds light on online marketing as it pertains to professional services. I’m reaching out today to explore the opportunity of sharing this content with you and your audience.

I decided to personally reach out to you and offer you a copy of our book because I think it would be great material to incorporate in your future articles. Having reviewed your blog I believe that your readership would appreciate and find this content valuable. And its free, of course.

Please let me know if your would be interested in receiving a free copy of our book, and how you suggest we may proceed.

If it would be helpful, we could have a phone conversation for starters and explore what would be best for you.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,


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