Social Recruitment: Be a Resource for In-Demand Workers

I have long subscribed to the business belief that revenue cures all ills.

Delivery of service, operations, finance and administration processes can be figured out as long as the top line is stable and growing.

Accordingly, Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) focuses the vast majority of its work to help clients identify sales leads, nurture prospect relationships, capture deals and grow existing customer accounts.  The return on investment from our programs is clear and compelling.

Yet, I also recognize the requirement all organizations have to hire and retain the most qualified and culturally aligned employees.  Whether it’s a product or service company, it is the people – rather than a business model – who ultimately deliver on the promise.

Can Strategic’s approach to content creation; distribution through SEO, social networking and marketing automation; and sales enablement apply in a human resource and recruitment environment?

I’ll answer that question during my presentation to the HR Leadership Forum the morning of Friday, March 8 in Arlington, VA.

I have included below a description of my talk which I promise will be both informative and entertaining.  In fact, I plan to incorporate some appropriate content from my stand-up comedy work.

Register at this link and please be sure to say “hi” on March 8.


The Credibility Shift: How Organizations Can Improve Recruitment and Retention through Content Creation, Social Distribution and SEO

There is an ongoing and sustained shift in influence from traditional sources of credibility, such as the business press, trade journals, analyst firms and industry conferences, to the conversations and dialogue that define social networks and online communities.

This realignment has opened a new and relatively untapped opportunity for HR and recruitment professionals who seek to attract and retain specialized and talented employees, especially in areas related technology, information security, healthcare and defense contracting.

How can you effectively position your company as a resource for in-demand job seekers? And is there a way to integrate social media into your recruitment efforts using an approach that is meaningful and measurable?

Please join the HR Leadership Forum for this exclusive presentation and discussion led by Marc Hausman, social media marketing consultant and president/CEO of Strategic Communications Group.

Marc’s clients include market leading brands such as Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, Juniper Networks, Polycom, Intelsat, Blue Coat Systems, immixGroup, Iron Bow Technologies, GetWellNetwork, among others.

Register Here:

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