Webinar – Think Like a Publisher to Accelerate Sales

In my recent column in the Washington Business Journal entitled How to Win Business with Dynamic Content I explore how companies can evolve their sales and marketing programs to meet the needs of the enlightened buyer.

No longer dependent on sales reps for insight and information, the enlightened buyer utilizes Web search to find white papers and case studies.  They seek out and engage with peers in social networks.  They form assessments about their needs and the reputation of potential providers with little, if any, vendor influence.

Ironically, during a time when high value content can truly influence a buyer’s decision-making, the historical sources of credibility (i.e. trade magazines, industry analyst firms and events) have pulled back on the quality and quantity of their output.

This creates an opportunity for marketers.

On Friday, May 17, I am participating in a Webinar hosted by marketing automation vendor eTrigue about how companies can “Think Like a Publisher” to accelerate sales success.

Also participating on the panel is Michael Riemer, VP of Products and Channel Marketing at cloud software provider Decisiv — a Strategic Communications Group client.

Please consider joining us and register here.  Michael and I will share best practices and lessons learned from a campaign we work on together that integrates content, social media promotion, marketing automation and sales enablement.


Webinar – Think Like a Publisher:  Accelerate Sales to Drive ROI

Friday, May 17:  11:30 AM to 12 PM (east coast time)

Register here

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