What’s Hot at Eloqua Experience 2012 – Day 2

We posted an early recap from Day One at Eloqua Experience 2012 here on All About Experience. With a new product announcement and features showcased for the Eloqua platform, along with breakout sessions of modern marketers sharing best practices, the day was full of energy and excitement.

To cap off yesterday’s festivities, corporate marketers gathered to witness the winners of the prestigious Markie Awards. For those who may be unfamiliar as to what the Markies are, it’s the event where marketers are awarded a great honor for some of the most thankless work in the industry. A list of the winners can be found on Eloqua’s blog, It’s All About Revenue.

Day 2 of the conference will be similar to Day 1, minus the Markies and after party. Following the opening remarks, marketers will have the opportunity to network with one another and check out more exciting track sessions featuring speakers of companies all over the globe sharing best practices. The agenda of who is speaking on a particular topic can be found here or on the conference mobile app.

So far, attendees are already Tweeting on the breakout session speakers:

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